About Textilogica

Textilogica is a full-service vertically integrated garment manufacturer and exporter based in Denpasar, Indonesia. Our aim is to make manufacturing and logistical processes more efficient by offering our customer a one-stop solution with short lead times for garments, fabrics, labels and accessories. Textilogica works with clients ranging from independent fashion designers to major retailers and we offer tailor-made solutions combining modern equipment, a global network of suppliers, creative thinking and our highly experienced and dedicated production team.

Our European office and warehouse situated in Sweden provides us with flexible logistic capacity and efficient import and warehousing solutions for the European market.


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Textilogica is a full-service manufacturer of garments, labels and packaging. Our clients range from small independent fashion labels to major retailers. For business enquiries, please contact Textilogica´s Sweden office.


Box 7270
SE 40235 Göteborg


P +46 (0)33 255058
F +46 (0)33 255059

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Moa Trägårdh Williams